Proyecto No-Musical III in Vienna

Friday, December 7, 2018 - 19:00. nadaLokal, Reindorfgasse 8, 1150 Vienna, Austria Country

About the concert

SIMUC-Concert: Proyecto No-Musical III in Vienna, Austria

The International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) in collaboration with nadaproductions, presents "Proyecto No-Musical III" in Austria. The No-Musical project III seeks to reflect on the limits of music and the scenic possibilities that exist in its language. Through musical and extra-musical resources, it shows on stage that sound is just one more element within a complex chain of things that involves: personal experiences, emotional processes, hours of rehearsal, years of study, the understanding of a specific language both spoken and written, as well as social and historical contexts. Proyecto No-Musical III puts music's syntax into tension and proposes a different approach to perception through composition, decomposition and re-composition of the musical material.


  • Ensamble No-Musical
  • Stephanie Preller: voice, acting
  • Pablo Medina: voice, acting
  • Tomás Gubbins: guitar
  • Matías Robledo: composition, conducting, electronics

Concert Program

  • Matías Robledo 1988 together with the Ensamble No-Musical
  • Proyecto No-Musical III 2018
Concert Program (PDF)