Dúo Saglie Urquieta In Austria

Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 19:00. Musiksalon, Himbergerstraße 4, 2482 Münchendorf, Austria Country

About the concert

SIMUC-Concert: Dúo Saglie Urquieta in Austria

The International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) is pleased to bring the Dúo Saglie Urquieta to Austria. In this concert the duo performs music by Chilean composer Luis Saglie. This concert's repertoire is characterized by a close connection to the southern hemisphere, specially to the southernmost lands of our planet. It is not unusual to notice how the geography of Chile influences the creation process of its artists and here we find a clear example of this. This connection to Chile is also reflected by the fact that the pieces are based on or inspired by the work of national figures, such as the poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda or the artist and most influential Chilean folklorist Violeta Parra. Saglie and Urquieta take us in a musical trip over Chile.


  • José Luis Urquieta, oboe
  • Luis Saglie, piano

Concert Program

  • Luis Saglie 1974
  • Misterios chilotes 2017
  • Suit del sur 2018
  • Homenaje a Violeta Parra 1999
  • Tres odas nerudianas 2013
Concert Program (PDF)