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Become a member

Becoming a SIMUC-Member is very easy. First transfer the corresponding membership fee (see below) to one of our accounts and then send us the following information at We will get back to you.

For transfers in Europe within the SEPA (except from Switzerland and the United Kingdom)

€ 30,- (Euros)
IBAN: AT72 2011 1827 8503 2600
ErsteBank - Austria

For transfers in Chile

CLP$ 30.000 (Chilean pesos)
Cuenta Vista: 7009091291
A nombre de: Daygoro SerĂ³n
Rut: 16.805.961-2
Banco: Santander

For transfers from the United Kingdom

£ 27.00 (British pounds)
Account number: 08340102
Beneficiary: Xavier Party
Sort code: 04-00-75

For transfers from other parts of the world

US$ 39.00 (U.S. dollars) or € 32.00 (Euros)

For other methods, please contact us at