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Chilean Composers

Chilean Composers

A list of Chilean Composers.

Started in June 2017 | Online Country

Call For Works - Chilean Ensemble On Tour

Ensemble Taller de Música Contemporánea

The International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) invites all Chilean composers to propose a piece to be performed by the renown ensemble Taller de Música Contemporánea during their European tour in September. Six top musicians from Chile will present a varied repertoire of pieces by Chilean composers in five different European capitals: Bratislava, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome and Vienna. Follow the link below to find all the details.

Deadline: July 10, 2017

Call for Works (PDF - Spanish)

Column: Chilean Performers Abroad (Spanish)

MEC 2 - Call For Works


The International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) invites all Chilean composers to propose a piece to be programmed on the second season of MEC, our podcast on Chilean electronic (art)music. Follow the link below to find all the details.

Deadline: May 26, 2017

Call for Works (PDF - Spanish)

MEC 1 - Mexican Perspective

MEC 1 - Mexican Perspective

With the aim of creating international ties rooted in artistic content and open reflection, the International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) has established an unprecedented cultural link between Chile and Mexico, a bridge of recognition and respect. Although this bridge goes from one end of Latin America to the other, it joins countries with neighboring idiosyncrasies. Ten Mexican authors and researchers will comment, analyze, inquire and express themselves freely from their individual perspective on the works of Chilean electronic music programmed in the first season of MEC. Starting on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, each week a different author will address an episode of the podcast. This SIMUC initiative has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of Chilean composer and researcher Santiago Astaburuaga, who has not only served as curator and link between SIMUC and the Mexican authors, but has also been a key voice in the conceptual development of the project, assuming the editorial task as well. We invite you to take part in the discussion in the comments section below each text.

Take a look at the first article (Spanish) by Mexican artist and researcher Fabián Avila on MEC0103, which includes pieces by Chilean composers Federico Schumacher, Daniel Alvarado and José Miguel Candela, programmed by music educator Joaquín Ibar.

MEC 1 - Concert in Lüneburg

Sunday, May 21, 2017 in Lüneburg, Germany Country

UPDATE We have opened a concert section where you can find more information about the concert.

The SIMUC will take part on the 39. Internationale Studienwoche für zeitgenössische Musik 2017 in Lüneburg Germany. We will present a concert with a selection of pieces programmed in the first season of MEC, our podcast on Chilean Electronic Music.

MEC 1 Concert - Lüneburg

SIMUC at Classical:NEXT

From May 17 to May 20, 2017 in Rotterdam, Netherlands Country

The SIMUC will be present at Classical:NEXT, which according to their organizers is "a music meeting dedicated exclusively to classical and art music; truly international; all sectors within the genre meet; it welcomes all approaches, from traditional to experimental, major to niche; addresses both the economic and the artistic aspects of the industry; offers an open platform where the participants create the content". It is an honour for us to have the support of the Chilean National Council of Culture and the Arts for our participation at Classical:NEXT this year. We hope that this time will be the first of many, so we will be focused on networking.


Second Publication in Chilean Performers Abroad! (Spanish)

Call for Authors

We invite Chilean musicologists, music scholars and researchers to publish in our forthcoming new column "enfoque" (spanish).


Convocatoria (PDF - Spanish)

Column: Chilean Performers Abroad! (Spanish)

SIMUC - Concert in Berlin

Friday, December 2nd 2016 - 19:00. Instituto Cervantes, Rosenstraße 18-19, 10178 Berlin, Germany Country

UPDATE It was a great concert! We have opened a section where you can find more information about the program, some pictures and more.


The SIMUC presents Neue Streichertöne aus Chile (New String Tones from Chile) in Berlin, Germany. The concert will be performed by the Lübeck based string quartet Latin Strings. The ensemble will play pieces from 10 different Chilean composers, most of which are living and working around the world: Ricardo Álvarez (1976/UK), Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt (1925-2010), Tomás Brantmayer (1992/Chile), Sebastián Errázuriz (1975/Chile), Rodrigo Herrera (1981/Chile), Marcos Meza (1984/Germany), Juan Pablo Moreno (1984/Germany), Javier Party (1980/Austria), Andrián Pertout (1963/Australia) and Carlos Zamora (1968/UK).

The repertoire of the concert offers a wide range of aesthetic stances, tonal and not tonal, minimalistic and highly complex, poetic and abstract.

Latin Strings
Violin I: Inés Vega Villarroel (Chile)
Violin II: Kathya Contreras (Chile)
Viola: Erika Cedeño (Venezuela)
Cello: Alonso Urrutia (Chile)

The concert will take place on December 2, 2016 at 7pm at the Instituto Cervantes in Rosenstraße 18-19, 10178 Berlin, Germany. €10|€5.

Reserve your tickets today → office@simuc.org

Podcast: MEC - Chilean Electronic Music!

MEC is a podcast on Chilean electronic (art)music. The first episode will be available on Friday, September 30. There will be a total of 10 weekly episodes, each of which will be presented by a different moderator. (Spanish)



Chilean electronic music!

Published from September 30th to December 2nd 2016 - Still accessible | Online Country

Call for Works

Latin Strings Quartet

The International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) invites all Chilean composers to propose a piece for string quartet, to be performed by Latin Strings at the SIMUC concert that is going to take place in December 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

Deadline: October 16, 2016

Call for Works (PDF - Spanish)

We have a new list in our Database

Chilean Musicians Abroad

Chilean Musicians Abroad

A list of Chilean musicians and musicologists living abroad.

Started in August 2016 | Online Country

SIMUC - Opening Concert: Liederabend

It was a great concert! Thanks to all who were there.

Each event organized by the SIMUC has its own section where we gather all information about it, like pictures, performers and composers, repertoire, feedback, media reports and a general description as well. Check it out!


SIMUC - Opening Concert: Liederabend

June 29th 2016 | Vienna, Austria. Country

Susanne Senekowitsch